Benefits of Using Buteair CharterSafe

When Buyers and Sellers are unknown to each other and are performing transactions online, they need a third-party they can trust. That’s where Buteair CharterSafe comes in.

Buteair CharterSafe holds several benefits to Aircraft Charterers and Operators.

For Buyers:

  • Your money is always safe as funds are only released to the seller after your confirmation to proceed.


For Sellers:

  • Interest is earned from the moment the buyer pays for the AirCharter and is being held by
  • You receive full protection against bad checks, insufficient funds, scams, fraud, etc.
  • Knowledge that Buyer’s funds are verified and held before agreement is confirmed for release..
  • Peace of mind when entering unfamiliar markets.
  • The Buteair CharterSafe  Process

How does it work?

  1. Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms of the Transaction

One of the parties to the transaction initiates Buteair CharterSafe process, which consists of the agreed price, contact details of the other party, description of the device and any additional terms and condition that were agreed upon during the negotiation stage.

Once submitted, both parties are invited to, to create an account. Additional negotiation on the transaction’s terms and conditions is possible through the Transpact platform.

  1. Buyer Secures Transaction Funds at

The Buteair CharterSafe transaction does not begin until all terms and conditions are accepted and the Buyer has submitted payment to, this is in order to guarantee that the entire agreed upon amount is accounted for, prior to agreement to release the funds

  1. Seller Aircraft Operator

Upon payment verification, the Seller is given an email notification that the funds are secured, thus authorizing him to proceed according to the agreed contractual terms.

  1. Buyer Accepts the Final agreed contracts

The Buyer approves to submit payment to the Seller.

  1. The Seller is Paid pays the Seller by wire transfer. The transaction is complete.

Your account will be closed and all data will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Are you sure?