What is Buteair CharterSafe?

Buteair CharterSafe: Providing Safe and Transparent Aircraft Charter

Online Aircraft charter is becoming more common these days. Although most transactions are successfully completed, many Charterers and Operators are still concerned when it comes to e-Commerce, especially where high-end equipment is involved.

That is precisely the reason why Buteair has come together with Transpact.com to establish Buteair CharterSafe. This service essentially removes any possibility of a Charterer or the Aircraft operator falling victim to fraud by providing a safe and transparent method for buying and selling.

Buteair CharterSafe is a fool-proof means of ensuring the Charter’s rights to receive exactly what is contracted and agreed to and the Aircraft Operators right to know that payment will be received as per the agreement, that the funds for the Charter have not been absconded.

It allows you to benefit from a neutral third party who will collect the payment for the Charter, retain the payment until both buyer and seller are satisfied that the deal has been completed to their mutual satisfaction, and will then hand over the payment to the seller.

As a Operator, Buteair CharterSafe  allows you to be 100% sure that you will receive your money, plus interest, once a transaction is completed, regardless of where the Charterer is located.

As a Charterer Buteair CharterSafe allows you to be 100% sure that you will receive the Aircraft Charter that you ordered, as per agreed terms of the contract.

This is not marketing. It’s a reality. Buteair CharterSafe is a must.

Why is Buteair providing this service?

Simply stated: to ensure that the Aircraft Charterer and Aircraft Operator feel 100 percent comfortable doing business with us.

We recognize the need to provide a fail-safe system for ensuring our customers have full confidence in our service. That our customers need to know that there are absolutely no pitfalls in carrying out business with us. As a customer of Buteair you deserve a guarantee of risk-free trading, and we are happy to provide it.

Buteair CharterSafe

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