Light jets are aircraft with a maximum certified takeoff weight under 18600 kg. They usually sit between four and eight people, can travel distances of up to 4830 km and have an average speed between 550 to 740 km/h. With their compact size they can land at even the smallest airports.


Midsize jets can carry four to eight passengers and allow for greater comfort on transcontinental flights by providing amenities such as a lavatory and catering facilities. They are suitable for flights with a maximum travel time of four hours.


A heavy jet is a large type of business jet with an average speed of 805 km/h. It provides a lot of comfort and is large enough to allow passengers to stand up and move freely about the cabin. It can carry up to sixteen passengers and much more luggage. Flight time is increased to fourteen hours.


VIP Airliners are airliners converted into business jets, often containing different sections dedicated to business meetings, rest, dining etc. Even though such jets have enough room for three hundred people, when used in the business sector, they usually offer accommodation for forty to sixty people. This aircraft type is the most popular among sports teams, politicians and international companies.

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